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05 March 2021 - 10:30

Just Transition in practice: Measuring success and challenges for the future

Scotland House Brussels
Scotland House Brussels

Scotland House Brussels is delighted to invite you to a discussion on Just Transition, the first in a series of events 'on the road to COP 26'. The months leading to COP 26 in Glasgow are critical for galvanising global ambition and building consensus on the approach needed to tackle the global climate emergency, to deliver a Green Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to rapidly and fairly transform our societies and economies.

Whilst climate change is increasingly mainstreamed across public policy, the concept of ‘just transition’ is often applied narrowly. The Scottish Government advocates for a holistic, whole-economy approach to Just Transition. It is about not only ensuring that the transition to net zero captures opportunities, but also tackles existing inequalities and mitigates the risks to those worst impacted. In its truest sense, Scotland’s approach aims to ensure no individual, community, industry or sector is left behind as our economy and society undergo fundamental change.

Scotland’s independent Just Transition Commission is due to present its final report in March 2021 and Just Transition is one of the Scottish Government themes for COP 26. The European Parliament position on the proposed European Climate Law included the criteria of a just and socially fair transition when the Commission sets an indicative trajectory for the EU’s post-2030 emissions reduction targets.

The event will include speakers from Scotland and elsewhere in Europe to outline their experiences of ‘Just Transition in practice’, and share lessons learnt to take to the European Green Deal, the Green New Deal for Scotland, to COP 26 and beyond.


Roseanna Cunningham, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

Pascal Canfin, MEP, Chair of the European Parliament's ENVI Committee

Chris Brodie, Head of Skills Planning and Sector Development, Skills Development Scotland

Additional speakers to be confirmed