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Scotland Europa in partnership with Royal Society of Edinburgh

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A Scottish Stakeholder Discussion on the Future of European Collaboration

Scotland remains committed to European regional collaboration and the value that brings to us and our partners across the EU. Recognising the value that such collaboration has brought to Scotland over the years – be it on regional policy and Structural Funds; rural development; Smart Specialisation or research and innovation – this stakeholder forum will provide an opportunity for Scottish stakeholders to discuss the future development of European policy and instruments for collaboration and innovation, as well as the opportunities for our continued engagement.

Key Note Speech - Scotland’s Place in Europe – the value of our European Partnerships

  • Mike Russell MSP, The Scottish Government Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe (By VC)


High-Level Panel discussion on Scotland’s European Collaboration – What’s next?

  • Professor Andrew Scott, European Union Studies, The University of Edinburgh & Member of the Standing Council on Europe
  • Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace Cranfield University, Convener of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Business Innovation Forum, former CEO Innovate UK, member of the EU High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU research and innovation programmes (Lamy Group).
  • Eleni Marianou, Secretary General, Conference for Peripheral and Maritime Regions
  • Doctor Fabian Zuleeg – Chief Executive, European Policy Centre & Member of the Standing Council on Europe
  • Rebecca Hackett, First Secretary Regional Policy and Research, UK Permanent Representation to the EU


Current EU funding programme opportunities - What can we do now?

  • Sam Lucas, Head of European Territorial Cooperation, DCLG
  • David Anderson, Deputy Director for Structural Funds, Scottish Government


Breakout discussion and reflection sessions on the Future of European Collaboration and Engagement

  • Group 1: What is key for Scotland in terms of continuing engagement in EU regional collaboration? This discussion group will focus on Scotland’s continued engagement from the perspective of maintaining our profile as a partner of choice with our European and International partners. How to approach this and what we need to develop and pro-actively do. Lead contributor: Mike Neilson, Director of the Scottish Government Brussels Office.
  • Group 2: A regional approach – a perspective from other UK regions that we can learn from This discussion group will focus on perspectives from across the UK, what they are, how they align with Scotland’s views. Lead contributor:Mike Pollard, Head of European Territorial Cooperation Unit, Welsh European Funding Office – Welsh Government
  • Group 3 - How do we influence and maintain alignment with the future EU regional collaboration policy and funding instruments? This discussion group will focus on Scotland’s main priorities and challenges for maintaining influence and alignment with the EU policy and funding instruments after the UK has exited the EU and beyond 2020. Lead contributor: Linda Stewart, Director of European and International Development, University of the Highlands and Islands


Case-Study testimonials from Scottish stakeholder benefits on the impact of EU collaboration & engagement

  • Valeria Ferrando, EU Head of Research, IES
  • Brian McVey, Head of EU Engagement, Scottish Enterprise


- This will be followed by an evening networking reception -


Event Information

29-09-2017 09:15

Venue Location

Royal Society of Edinburgh
22 George Street
United Kingdom
Ingrid Green
Aimed at people with experience of EU funded projects and partnerships

Royal Society of Edinburgh
22 George Street
United Kingdom