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12-06-2019 | 09:30-14:00
Kelvin Hall Building
1445 Argyll Street
Glasgow, G3 8AW
Staff members of Scotland Europa member organisations
Matt Broadbent
Kelvin Hall Building
1445 Argyll Street
G3 8AW, Glasgow
United Kingdom

Scotland Europa Members Learning Workshop - A forward look at EU-Scotland engagement

Scotland Europa

Scotland Europa will deliver a Members Learning Workshop on Wednesday 12 June to share ideas on engagement with European networks and the policy making process as well as taking a forward-look at the priorities for the EU following the European elections.

The Members Learning Workshop will give members the opportunity to exchange ideas while developing an insight into the ways in which other members maximise the benefits of their Scotland Europa membership.

In a year of considerable change across the EU institutions, the session will begin with the Scotland Europa team’s overview of the key developments, dates and events over the coming few months as well as a look back at May’s elections to the European Parliament.

The second part of the session will be used as an opportunity for the Scotland Europa team and members to present successful examples of policy influencing and engagement with European networks on key issues with a view to providing inspiration for future joint work activities.

For this session, we would like to invite members to present examples of their work engaging with European thematic networks or on influencing the EU policy-making process. If you would be interested in doing so, please contact Matt Broadbent on matthew.broadbent@scotent.co.uk.

The workshop will be free of charge for members and will include lunch and a coffee break. Organisations which are not currently members of Scotland Europa can also take part in the workshop for an additional fee. For more information, please contact Matt Broadbent.

See attached the draft agenda for the workshop. Please register for the event below.

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