Scottish Financial Enterprise

Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) is the representative body for Scotland's financial services industry, with members ranging from global companies headquartered in Scotland to small, locally-based support businesses. Members also include international companies who have opened key European bases in Scotland, attracted by our skilled workforce and long experience in the industry. Together they make an important contribution to Scotland's economy.
24 Melville Street
Edinburgh | GB



Remit: The Roundtable works to strengthen mutual interaction between European financial centers and between these and the governing bodies of the EU. It also promotes European financial services globally and improve competitiveness against Asian and American centers.


Remit: Scotland Europa promotes Scottish interests across the institutions of the European Union and to the representatives of Europe’s regions and nations. Scotland Europa membership brings together a wide range of Scottish organisations, including public authorities, businesses, local government, trade unions and education and voluntary organisations. This diverse partnership gives us a variety of perspectives on Scottish interests in Europe and an influential voice in European affairs. With experienced and specialised staff based in Brussels and Scotland, Scotland Europa fosters strong links between Scotland and Europe, providing intelligence, policy analysis and strategic funding advice.




COSME is the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It supports the competitiveness, growth and sustainability of EU's enterprises, in particular SMEs, and promoting entrepreneurship. To reach this, the programme eases SME's access to finance by providing loan guarantees and risk-capital, facilitates access to new markets inside and outside the EU and improves the framework conditions for businesses, e.g. by reducing the administrative burden on SMEs.